Ghost CLI on Digital Ocean Droplet

Hey all,

I’ve successfully installed Ghost on a Digital Ocean droplet, however, when I attempt to use the Ghost CLI after switching to the ghost-mgr per the instructions in the console, I get “Working directory is not a recognisable Ghost installation. Run ghost restart again within a folder where Ghost was installed with Ghost-CLI.” This occurs even if I cd into the correct directory at var/www/ghost as the root user (since cd/ls commands don’t work as the ghost-mgr user) Can anyone help me out with this?

Just figured it out, running reboot as root user in the console allowed me to run ghost commands as ghost-mgr just fine. Helps If I read the “System restart required” text right there in the console :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The console message provided the answer:

  • You need to be in the Ghost directory, e.g., /var/www/ghost
  • Run ghost restart from that directory

Rebooting the server was unnecessary.

Thanks mjw, but as I explained in my post, I did navigate to the correct directory, but it would still not work , until I rebooted.