Ghost comment CSS edit


Was wondering if and how to edit the CSS for when a quote is being used in the comment section. Would like to alter it by adding some changes.

I have tried to add the .gh-comment-content blockquote CSS elements to the global code injection header, but unlike some other changes and scripts that are already there, these changes are not being picked up.

So the idea is to just alter the paragraphs that are blockquote.

Any help or suggest would be most welcome.

Kind regards

I’ve never used Ghost comments nor know how it loads, but for other Ghost functionalities (like bookmark cards) I had to include !important in order to override Ghost’s CSS.

Thank you for your reply. I have tried that before posting, but that didn’t help.

It seems to load in an iframe, but I have not been able to figure out how to style it either. Hopefully a staff member will respond and let us know if this is even possible. I’ve been able to style the box around where the iframe loads, but that’s it so far.

iframe CSS is discussed in this post…