Improvement suggestions for Ghost comments

First of all, I want to appreciate the Ghost team for introducing native comments to Ghost. We were waiting for a couple of years to get this feature. Yes, now it is a reality.

So yesterday I modified my theme and added Comments to the website. @GodoFredoNinja I have made a merge request to your simply theme also.

But when using this awesome feature I observed that we cannot modify the CSS file because it is coming from a CDN ( The comments section was added as an iFrame. Therefore we could not able to make any changes to the Comment-box styles.

If you have any idea about Ghost core you will be able to make changes. But you have to copy the CSS file and add it to the theme file. After that, you have to edit /current/core/shared/config/defaults.json and restart the ghost. Yes, I have done it on my localhost and it works.

Or they have to add the key to config.production.json and restart ghost.

But the bitter truth is that 95% of the ghost users are not able to do that because they do not have any idea to edit or modify the Ghost core. Therefore I would like to request to Ghost team to make this easy for us. Otherwise, we have to make the same changes after updating Ghost also.

Please don’t misunderstand this statement. I really appreciate the Ghost teams’ effort. And you are providing the best service to us. This is only a request to you all team. Actually I enjoy my journey with Ghost.