Ghost container volume vanished :-(


Have you ever seen four hours work vanish in a flash? I just have.

I’m using an Azure Linux App Service to host a ghost container (ghost 2.2.4-alpine) and I have a volume set up so that my data survives restarts of the container just fine.

However, the App Service decided, five minutes ago, to issue a docker pull (of the same image), rebuilt the image and… apparently nuked my volume. It was literally a minute before I was going to safely export all the work that I’d put in to it.

My only hope is that the volume is still, somehow, present and accessible.

Otherwise I’m just sitting here looking at the welcome to ghost blog posts and cursing containerised ghost under my breath.


We can’t help if you don’t share your docker setup.

Also, I would suggest to open this issue over and look at closed issues. The ghost team is not supporting the docker image.



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