Ghost Doctor > Config & SystemErrors

Running latest major release of Ghost on Digital Ocean.

I’ve been having some issues recently and noticed that when I run ghost doctor I now get some pretty serious issues.

I have no idea why these have started now. Site has been running smoothly for a long time.

I’m struggling to figure out how to solve the first issue:
1) Validating config. Error detected in the production configuration.

The help message suggest I Run `ghost config <key> <new value>` for each key to fix the issue.

Any chance someone could elaborate on this for me?

The first error is telling you that another instance of Ghost is running on port 2368. This is set in production.config.json and may be set using the ghost config --port 2368 option. Are you running more than one instance of Ghost? If not, then something else may have gone awry.

The other messages relate to systemd. This can be set using ghost config --process systemd.

After making any changes, you should run ghost restart.

Thanks for the help @mjw

Something definitely strange going on. The site has been running with no issues for years (with regular updates when required), and now these errors are appearing.

What’s strange is that when I ssh into the server and run:

cd /var/www/ghost
ghost ls

It tells me that no instances of Ghost are running… even though the site is live and working.

I’m going to attempt the config --process systemd command shortly, just running a backup.