Ghost 'Dope' theme doesn't work for design and branding

I’ve created my website on recently and was designing it to change the home page and it looks. When I downloaded the ‘Edition’ free theme, it worked just like the themplate was showing it. Then I noticed the ‘Dope’ theme, that showcased a home page with three separate clickable sections (with image and text) that can take you to different pages of you web site. But upon installing the theme, I could only add one image and had absolutely no way to recreate what I saw in the themplate.

Is there a way to do it, and have the Home page look just like the ‘Dope’ themplate ?

Dope is using tags to select images to show on the front page.

You need to tag content, with a PUBLIC (not starting with #) tag. And you need to add the image for each tag on the tags page. (There’s a link from the Ghost dashboard, right below the Posts link)

Thanks for the tip, but I don’t have this link on the Ghost dashboard… :thinking:
Maybe I am not looking for the right link

Post a screenshot maybe? What do you see at /ghost/ ?

This is what I have on my dashboard

Great. Look on the left side menu for “tags”