Selecting theme not working

Hi. Its says it downloaded and changed theme, but it not showing on my offical site.

You need to provide some context and detail if you need assistance.

Dope theme not working, but others working, which is weird.

I have another issue which is regarding text.

How do i change this text.

It’s not clear what’s not working. Does the theme fail to install? What error do you see? Or does it render incorrectly?

In addition, please only include one topic per thread.

I manage to fix it, trough settings. Do you guys have live support?

Ghost is an open source product and freely available, and relies on volunteer community members to assist other users.

For Ghost(pro) users there is email support.

I’m having the same problem - I changed my theme to Dope but there are no changes on the actual site. It says my theme changed to Dope after refreshing the page but nothing reflected - how did you fix it?

@LLRamirez, please open a new thread in #help. Thanks.

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