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Long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m not sure if Duola is the right word for what I’m describing. But it seems close enough.

It would be really nice if Ghost had a marketplace area or service where people offered design solutions / act as guide as to how best to gather work/blogs from elsewhere.

Maybe this is there, and I missed it?

It can be quite daunting, and sometimes, people are too busy to get elbow deep into code, and or just want to write. Where say, someone just wants to blog, or migrate multiple blogs from other to the platform/service, and figure out how best to do that.

Ghost themes also seem a bit scattered with many on site, and some elsewhere, offered on other sites? Am I right about this, or is a mistake?

A solutions section - with rates, or jobs priced on a job per job basis?

:point_right: Marketplace - Ghost Forum

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Why should I have to dig through onto the forum -

This is here -

It offers themes, but not what I described. This is the front face for the project right? The front face marketplace?

You asked for a marketplace area where people can offer and request Ghost related products and services from each other: I’ve linked you to a forum category called “Marketplace” which serves exactly that purpose. Feel free to use it, or not if you don’t want to.

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I am aware that is there.

However, I was pointing at the main marketplace on the front of the site, and how it could do with a section of either Ghost offering services, or people there, easy to find and approach, without the daunt of making another account, signing up, writing a forum post, waiting to see if it is replied to.

Thanks for replying though John.

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