Ghost + EC2 + CloudFront = strange admin UI


Hi Ghosters,

I’m trying to get self-hosted Ghost running in EC2 behind CloudFront (which is doing the SSL termination), and I’m almost there, but some bits just aren’t quite right.

If I go to the home page, all the posts are there, and they load fine, as do the individual posts, but when I login to the admin panel, I get a strange view, as if some of the JS hasn’t loaded properly, but I don’t see any failed requests in the Network tab of my browser, or and JS errors in the Console.

I had initially excluded /ghost/* from my CloudFront config, as in another post on here, but I’ve also removed any caching on CloudFront’s part as part of my attempts to diagnose the problem, but it remains.

If I access the EC2 instance via its Amazon domain name, the admin UI loads fine, so I feel like I’ve missed a config value somewhere, but I can’t figure out where, and I’m hoping someone on here will see what’s missing and will instinctively know what files aren’t being served properly!

I’m using Ghost v2.1.2, from an Amazon Marketplace Bitnami image. My url is I have attached a screenshot of what the domain-based admin panel renders like.

Any help gratefully appreciated!


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