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So, I’m assuming this is most likely a topic that was at least once talked about, but since I haven’t updated Ghost in a while on one of the sites I administer, yet installed the most recent version of Ghost on another, I noticed a very grave difference in the Ghost editors. Specifically, that the Markdown toolbar is gone and that I’m seemingly unable to turn off the Markdown preview. Am I just being dumb or were all of these features actually removed?

I’m guessing you’re probably noticing the difference between Ghost 1.x and Ghost 2.x -

This forum topic has an introduction to the new editor:

And here’s some back story to the new editor (mentioned in the topic above)

If you’re not a fan of the new editor, you can get the full functionality of the old editor by creating an empty markdown card in the new editor and writing all your content there

Thanks for your reply! That seems to be it.

I feel like that is, similarly, a really basic question, but I’m actually unsure what exactly an empty Markdown card would be and how to create it?

When you create a post, click the plus button, then click the icon with an M (with the label markdown):

Screen Recording

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Ah, I see! I didn’t notice that. Thanks!

Though, I wonder, is or will there be a possiblity to use the legacy editor or a close equivalent permanently? The new editor isn’t bad, honestly, but I prefer to have the option, primarily because of existing work flows and so on.

Edit: Since, for example, editing an existing post with the markdown card is kind of messy.

The markdown card in the new editor is the entire markdown editor from the old editor!

From what I understand, in the interest of time, the markdown-only editor was released with ghost 1.0 so the core team could spend some time polishing the full editor for 2.0

FYI you can use 90% of your markdown magic in the new editor (including text expansions for things like headings and italics) and it will convert it into rich text for you!

Oh well, I primarily meant this like this:
If I edit a post in the new editor, I can create a new empty Markdown card fine, but editing already inserted stuff is not possible, from what I can see at least. The way I’d like to use it, for example with links, is through actual markdown code without any previews. I work with a lot of code and that is simply my favorite environment, if that makes sense?

A problem to be wary of with the new ‘markdown card’ approach is that if your insertion point is in the wrong place it is easy to delete the entire card (and all your writing!) with a single backspace. An undesirable side effect of the new process, I fear.

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