Markdown isn't for all bloggers

I’ve been writing on forums for years and using Wordpress but lately I’ve been really, really focused on getting started with Ghost. I’m absolutely in love with the overall design and modern feel.

The only thing that’s keeping me from buying a subscription here is that I’m intimidated about having to use markdown to make my posts pretty. I don’t understand it, and I can tell you already I’ll be on the markdown help page every time I want to write a post and that’s seriously going to slow me down.

Can I suggest at least adding a simple toolbar like anyone would see in Word, Wordpress, or on forums? The Microsoft Word toolbar is almost universally understood by writers… Markdown isn’t. A toolbar for editing posts that most of us understand is sort of something I’d expect out of blogging software.


Latest version of Ghost includes a visual editor that is not limited to only Markdown anymore.

This is incredible! I didn’t know a 2.0 was released with such awesome updates! I actually read on that about 10 mins after I posted this and just started a free trial. So I hope to work with Ghost from here into the future

Also, Markdown is a standard; it’s not just used in Ghost, and it’s really not all that hard. Sure the first two or three times you’ll write you might need to look something up, but it is essentially so bare-bone and easy to use you’ll pick it up in no time. And learning new stuff, is always a good thing right?

Yeah learning new things are good. I’m trying to learn some markdown because even the new editor doesn’t have all the tools. Markdown doesn’t seem to be working on the default theme on my trial

I love Markdown. The first reason I migrated from WordPress to Ghost is default Markdown editor. Although there are several awesome features in Ghost 2.0, I really miss the editor. Is there any option to set Markdown editor as a default editor?


The markdown editor is now a subset of the new editor. If you don’t want to use the new editor, all you need to do is create a markdown card in the new editor, and write all of your content in that card

Edit: I did not mean in any case to criticize the work done on the whole product nor the new editor, and I apologize for my message (below, unedited, by transparency) which was really not clear about that, and rude.
What I meant to say is that I expected the editor to allow to choose between the new format and the old (markdown), not include the old one in the new (But maybe I am just not used to the new editor.), and that this was not clear in the 2.0 blog post announcement.

I wish I’d have known that before upgrading to 2.0. That’s not what “Markdown is no longer the default way to write in Ghost (although it’s very much still available” means to me. “Default” means that another way is possible, not that we would have to embed it in cards…