Ghost Email Verification Every login


I have self-hosted Ghost. Every time a member logins in it forces them to verify their email again.

How can I force this to stop?

There is no situation where members would need to verify every single time.

Any help would really be great.

If the user deletes cookies when existing their web browser, then they will need to log in each time. Otherwise, logins do persist.

Every time I sign in, I have to re-verify my email address. I checked another ghost blog and it is affecting me the same way. I am not clearing cookies, I am just signing out and then back in. It forces the re-verification.

I need to stop this from happening. It is as if Ghost has no passwords. The sign-in process has no url. I cannot get around this verification. Transactional emails are setup via AWS SES and it is in the production sandbox.

From what you’ve written, it’s not entirely clear whether you are referring to admin logins, user logins, or sign-up email verification.

Ghost doesn’t use a password for members. When a user signs up, they receive an email…

Hey there!

Thanks for signing up for your blog — use this link to complete the sign up process and be automatically signed in:

Activate my account

For your security, the link will expire in 24 hours time.

…once the account is activated, they can log in using the link provided. The login persists.

If you share your blog URL, I can check this behaviour.

The login does not persist. That is the problem. The email link does not cause persistence. Instead, signing in produces another email to verify again.

Then the email verification has failed. Unless you share details of the steps taken, and responses from your site, or share a link, it’s not possible to assist further.


The steps taken are your steps, the responses are your responses.
I work in IT and your comment is a dodge. I need real answers. You should have a knowledgebase article for me, not some vagueness about your own processes. The email does not work. It is your default email. There is no deviation from the standard self-hosted install.

What exact information do you require to make definitive statements?

This is a community site, and I’m a community member just like you.

If you’re using Ghost Pro, please confirm.

Otherwise, if you need assistance, take the time to read the documentation, and provide community members with sufficient information to assist you. Thanks.

“Unless you share details of the steps taken, and responses from your site, or share a link, it’s not possible to assist further.”

You are a moderator. This is a bug section. Customer service, as a moderator, is not looking for the door the second the customer arrives. You were looking for an exit immediately. I would get fired for that…

“Shut up or pay me” is not a valid reply.

“What exact information do you require to make definitive statements?”

^^^ I asked and you refused to answer. You didn’t even link a specific article.

Zero stars.

This topic has side-tracked to a conversation about the role of moderators in a community forum for open-source software, and conflating it with customer service.

Bringing it back to the problem statement, and what @mjw is asking - Can you provide exact steps, including the site you’re using, to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing? The more detail the better - so everyone can be on the same page.

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The defaults. What steps? I click through, I get the email, I click the link… and then it still requires sign in and verification every time. There is not a single error code in your knowledgebase. Not a single troubleshooting tutorial. Why is there nothing there?

That guy points me at nothing, knows that its nothing and gives me the finger while doing it…

This doesn’t give me enough context.

Here’s what I’ve tried that works for me:

  1. Click the portal subscribe/membership button
  2. Specify name and email
  3. Get email, click link to login
  4. Click portal subscribe/membership button
  5. Click sign out
  6. Click portal subscribe/membership button
  7. Click sign in
  8. Specify email
  9. Get email, click link to login

This is the expected behavior for Ghost.

Outside of the forum, I don’t run a knowledge base or tutorial service. Ghost moderators are not necessarily employed by the Ghost organization.

It sounds like the login link is being confused for an email verification link, which I did at first, too. It took me a minute to realize that Ghost does not use passwords.

Every time you want to login, an email is sent, and the act of clicking the link in that email will log you in.

If you close the website and come back another day, you’ll still be logged in, i.e. the login persists.

If you logout, the session is terminated, and one has to login again by supplying the email address, awaiting the link, and clicking said link to authenticate.

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