Google news sitemap help


I would like to try and submit my site to google news. Unfortunately, I am not a developer (I’m trying!) and I am a visual learner.

I am using this ghost tutorial: Add your Ghost site to Google News

I am here: Create a template for the Google News sitemap

I literally do not know where to go to even start creating this. Does anyone one know of a visual tutorial? I tried looking on youtube. Many tutorials are geared towards Wordpress. Treat me like a preschooler, I am pre-basic developer. If that even makes sense.

Thank you to any one who takes pity on me.



You no longer need to create a Google News sitemap, you can use a standard RSS or Atom feed.

I use a standard RSS feed.

Articles will not appear on Google News immediately, if you are submitting a new source it can take up to 12 months to appear. Yes, the crawler will index your articles but they are not “guaranteed to surface or rank in Google News.”