Ghost-google-drive storage adapter - not uploading but API request is working. What now?

I want to host images on the cloud for a Ghost+Gatsby+Netlify installation. I am using the ghost-google-drive storage adapter, after failing with both OneDrive (for API reasons) and Github (does not work with PNG).

I think I am close to getting ghost-google-drive to work, but having a couple issues. I have installed the adapter on my local Ghost instance, obtained the proper API configuration from and loaded into config.production.json, and tested a few images. However, two issues I am seeing:

  1. My images are not uploading to the GDrive but are being stored locally. However, I can see the API requests on the Google Console for methods drive.files.get and drive.files.insert with response code 200. The images appear to be getting hashed names, but they are going into my local content/images/ folder (e.g. and not content/images/YYYY/MM like the base storage adapter normally does–that makes me thing the ghost-google-drive adapter is doing something. Is this indeed processing on via Google APIs then storing locally? I cannot find the files on the GDrive, which is my next Q…
  2. Where can I view these images if they have uploaded to the google drive? I cannot see any files in my personal GDrive associated with the login (though they may not be uploading). This is the only Google Drive I can find, is it the correct one? If it is the right one, is it safe to assume the files are indeed not uploading despite seeing the API requests from above?

What are some next steps I can use to debug or test what’s happening here? Am I missing something? Would I be able to provide anything else here to help resolve this?

Thank you!