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Hi everybody!

While it was mentioned on the forum a few times already, I wanted to take some time to properly introduce the offer of my managed Ghost hoster: Magic Pages.

:link: Link:
:money_with_wings: Pricing: starting at $4/month (monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans available)

I started Magic Pages a little over a year ago, testing different setups, optimizing them, and trying to create a full-service managed package.

By now, over 120 Ghost sites are hosted on Magic Pages, with publications ranging from small personal blogs with a few visitors per month to global publications with tens of thousands of emails sent every month.

Why Magic Pages?

Magic Pages is perfect for people starting out with Ghost, who want the full package (managed email, custom themes, great support). Basically, it’s “sign up and blog.”

Magic Pages always includes:

  • At least 2,000 email newsletters per month (10,000 on the Pro plan)
  • Unlimited page views or members
  • All custom integrations available
  • Always up to date – usually, when a new Ghost version is realeased, it’s on Magic Pages within a few hours

Custom themes are available on the Pro plan.

Some questions I usually get asked :point_down:

How is the speed?
Recently, I switched from a static image content delivery network (CDN) based on AWS Cloudfront to a full-page CDN based on BunnyCDN. This is available on both the Starter and Pro plans for now, but will move to only the Pro plan in the future.

With that implemented, the speed is pretty fast :rocket:.

(Some of my “test sites” that are run on this infrastructure, so you can test it yourself:,

What about support?
I am a one-person show (might sound scary, but I am not the only Ghost hosting out there operating like that – just the only one who openly admits it :smiley:). Despite that, I always want to provide an amazing support experience.

Having worked in customer service for years, talking to new and existing Magic Pages users is one of the things I love doing the most about it. If you have any questions, just hop on the chat on the Magic Pages website or send an email. You usually get a reply within a few minutes during normal Central European working hours :wink:

Tech specs?
Your Ghost websites will run in a managed Docker environment with plenty of extra resources (memory, CPU). From a storage perspective, there is no hard limit on Magic Pages (see here). As long as you don’t abuse your Ghost site as a file hoster, you’ll be fine :wink:

Let me know if you have any more questions :blush:


Excited for a simple managed version while I grow and adapt, damned at capacity warning.

Since free 14 days are full is there any way to just start on the $4 to not have to wait?

Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Context for others who might see this in the future: I have closed new registrations because the current server is at capacity – good problem to have, but annoying nevertheless.

I started preparing a new server around a week ago, and also wanted to integrate some small improvements to the infrastructure – but the growth of new trials was quicker than my tests with the new server.

Give it a day or two, and it should be up and running. I’ll let you know here when things are open again @digitalresidue :slight_smile:


No stress I get as a small business, I just hope those consuming temps buy from you in the end ;)

I’m eagerly waiting. Cheers!

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Good problem to have!


This one did and I’m very happy with the service from @jannis and performance of my site hosted on MagicPages :grinning:


Thank you @fatshark, appreciate your support and the constant constructive feedback you send over :blush:

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Just a quick ping – trials are open again :blush:

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