Ghost install - database and config problem


2 years ago I installed ghost on a vps (debian6) :

  • node 4.5.0
  • ghost 0.9

Today I wanted to work on my website locally on windows 10 but I was not able to launch Ghost.

After some research I realized that it was very complicated to update ghost (0.9>1.25). And I realized that it was impossible to use my old database or config file…

So I just restarted :
1/ downloaded Ghost 1.25.3 with node 8.9,
2/ npm install
3/ i made a config.development.json in order to use mysql

“url”: “http://localhost:1337/”,
“server”: {
“port”: 1337,
“host”: “”
“database”: {
“client”: “mysql”,
“connection”: {
“host” : “”,
“user” : “root”,
“password” : “”,
“database” : “ghostbase”,
“charset” : “utf8”

4/ i launched mysql, and I used knex-migrator init in order to generate the fresh database

I just get an error…

I just want to install a new fresh Ghost with Mysql, but it seems really complicated…
Do you have an idea ?

another solution would be to keep my old configuration with node 4.5.0 but it seems risky?



U now try to integrate a updates from 0.9 up to 1.25. Its impossible.

  1. Save a backup your post.
  2. Reinstall your server from CentOS 6 into Ubuntu 16.04.
  3. Create your root MySQL user with u REAL root-password.
  4. Integrate backup with your new blog.

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