Since a year or so, every attempt at using ghost-cli fails for me

I’m used to create websites with ghost and, weirdly, it has become more and more difficult for me to install ghost. Since a year or so, I’ve never been able to install ghost properly a single time. It’s always a process of trying like 20 times to follow the instructions, getting 2 or 3 different errors that alternates and then trying hard to manually debug it.

This time, what is it ? As usual, letsencrypt won’t setup but neither will ghost mysql user. Probably as a result of that, ghost fails to start and throws a “Unknown database error” everytime.

It’s been a few months since I didn’t touch my computer and sysadmin things so I’m a bit rusty and need some help in order to understand how I should do to -again- manually debug that.

Does anyone have a clue ? Thank you really much for the help

What platform does your webserver use, e.g., Ubuntu, and do you have root access? Also, are you starting from scratch or do you have MySQL, Node already installed?

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Sorry for the late reply ! I’m using a vps from 1&1, ubuntu last verion, nothing else on the server just starting with a fresh install. I installed node only in the process of doing so with ghost ; just as with mysql.