Ghost mail config with Yadex

I have set up my domain email with Yandex also. So I can send unlimited email without paying for SendGrid.

Is it possible to configure mail with Yandex?

Yes its possible to configure Yandex SMTP at the config.production.json level.
I used to use yandex before my general email & also the smtp services to various apps.
But recently noticed Gsuite rejecting incoming emails from Yandex Servers.

But I’m sending email to gmails without any problem. :roll_eyes:

Yes i didnt got any issue with but recently faced issue with the domains hosted on gsuite

Was your emails moved to spam folder?


Then what happened?

Dont Know what was the actual reason. My SPF, DKIM, DMARC record was all okay…
Suddenly my yandex connect emails were being rejected by gsuite hosted domains…
So i switched my important domains to gsuite. & kept less important domains on Yandex. But i can say that yandex is a best email hosting for free.

Can you tell me how did you connect Yandex to Ghost? How to get API code?

As i said before it can be used at the config.production.json level. it cant be used in admin section like as currently the only option is to use mailgun from ghost admin to send newsletter.
However if you want it to use in config.production.json ? then follow below

"mail": {
    "from": "Name<>",
    "transport": "SMTP",
    "options": {
        "host": "",
        "port": 465,
        "auth": {
            "user": "",
            "pass": "yourpassword"

Thank you. I’ll check. And could you olease give me another favour?

sure let know i will try to help you

You told me that you have some emails on gsuite. My site emails ( emails are on Yandex. Would you link me to help to check that problem still occurring for Yandex emails.

Just sent you dm

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Got it and set you a test email.