Ghost & Membership + commenting system auto log-in?

Hello! There’s the new Ghost version with built-in membership, and on, and in the sample screenshots:

  • Members-only comments

What could be good ways to integrate a commenting system, with Ghost’s built-in membership functionality? So that there’d be Single Sign-On or “auto login”: If you’re logged in to the Ghost blog, with your membership, then you’d automatically be logged in to the commenting system too.

How could that be made to work?

(There seems to be more webhooks now?: , I think this one is new for example: member.added. By listening to such a webhook, it could be possible to keep a commenting system’s database in sync with Ghost membership database. However that’s not the same thing as auto-log-in from Ghost to a commenting system. )

Some blogs will have both “real members” who want to post comments via their Ghost membership accounts — and there’ll also be causal one-time visitors, maybe from a news aggregator, who prefer not creating a real membership account, but just want to quickly post a comment via a quick OAuth Gmail/Facebook/etc login. Then, this isn’t about Single Sign-On — instead, the visitor could choose to login and post a comment via his/her Ghost membership account (if any), or Gmail / Facebook etc.

(Background: I’m developing a commenting system, Talkyard, and someone asked about automatic login for the blog visitors, via their Ghost membership (those who have one).)

Edit: Ghost doesn’t support something like OpenID Connect?


I just want to express my support. It would be nice if users didn’t have to have two separate accounts: one for Ghost membership, one for commenting.

/ Martin

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I have been building this over the past few weeks:

I would love to hear what you think! @dybber @KajMagnus

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Try to use comments on blog - Loading… after auth and nothing

Thanks for trying it out @f.ponomarev!
I’ve now disabled comments on the Cove blog as I don’t want it to become a testing ground.
I’ll have a demo site running soon for this kind of testing.