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Hello, I am new to Ghost and just got my site up and running, self hosted on AWS. I have been reading the manual and exploring various tutorials and so forth.
I want to have commenting on my posts allowed, with a sign up. Like “Please sign in/ sign up to comment.” I do not want any of the default subscription sign up forms or icons that come by default on the home page and in the headers. I only want at the bottom of my posts a link to register in in order to comment. I am not interested in subscriptions, memberships or mailings. Just registration for comments to avoid spam/abuse etc.
By default I see that the only way to remove all this subscription info is by setting Subscription Access to “nobody.” I see that there are ways to insert “cards” or code into certain areas which I imagine would be part of my solution.
I would like to know if what i want to do is difficult and require developer level coding? Years ago I did some site development with HTML and CSS etc., and as a System Admin I do some scripting and so forth, so if I need to look at code I can.
Just looking for someone to point me in the right direction. Thank you

You should be able to accomplish this, as long as you can do some light editing of your theme.

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I found a free theme in Marketplace called Attila that is just what I want, it does not have any of the subscribe buttons and forms in the headers or anywhere else. But it does have the sign up for commenting at the bottom of blog posts, so perfect. Now just getting it to work…