Ghost Node JS Supported Versions

Hey guys at Ghost, with Node.js v10 LTS currently being recommended support for Ghost, and with LTS for v10 finishing relatively soon at around this time 2021, I was wondering if the core dev team had any plans to move to v12 of Node as recommended support?

I want to migrate my self hosted install to node v12 (which you guys state as supported), but am concerned about how stable it is, see “Running Ghost on the latest version of node is not guaranteed to work, and we’re unable to offer support for any issues. Ghost is a small team so we keep version support to a minimum to give us time to build new features”.

Is the core team planning to move to v12 as recommended soon, and if so when? @DavidDarnes

Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

Hi @zoombinis290! :wave: Yep, we’re currently in the process of updating this and should be able to promote the recommended version to v12 very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Daniel, awesome awesome stuff!

@daniellockyer just curio - did something change from the LTS support policy? From my understanding, v12 doesn’t become active LTS until October

@vikaspotluri123 Node v12 actually became Active LTS on 2019-10-21, according to

We were a little behind on promoting/demoting Node versions but I’m aiming to pick up Node 14 when it becomes LTS in October :slightly_smiling_face:

That should have been deleted :grimacing: I realized after posting you were talking about node 12 and not node 14 :sweat_smile:

@zoombinis290 & @vikaspotluri123: The recommended Node version is now v12 :slightly_smiling_face: -

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