Ghost on a Subdomain - Add Header/Footer from Mainsite

I am running Ghost as a blog CMS on a subdomain of my site: i.e.

I have a main site with a header that has nvaigation across a number of subdomains: i.e.…,…,…, etc

The header navigation is HTML coded in the main site. I want to use this header on the Ghost subdomain to give some consistency to the site and allow free movement across all of my website elements.

Is this possible?

Ghost uses the handlebars templating engine which supports custom layouts. As long as you can extract the header and footer from your marketing site, you’ll be able to use it with Ghost

Just to extend on this, it’s actually super easy and friendly if you start from the Casper theme.

The site-header and site-nav are probably where you want to start. If the theme is just for your site and you want an exact match, you can just copy and paste your HTML as a super easy way. More instructions on the structure and how to use custom css classes can be found in the developer theme documentation