Using Ghost CMS 'just' for my blog


So I just found out about GhostCMS today. And I have to say, I’m sold! :smiley: But I do have some minor worries about it.

What I hope to achieve is to have GhostCMS as the base of my website (for all my blog articles).

But I also need a homepage and some sales pages that are separate from GhostCMS.

With the only purpose to make people go ‘WOW!’ and convert them into buyers and/or subscribers.

Those I would like to build with Bootstrap, WP or just static HTML/CSS within the GhostCMS(?) (anything that works would be fine).

Currently I’m on WordPress, and it’s giving me headaches. My website is almost purely blog posts.
SEO and Pagespeed are my highest priority, together with a nice and clean look (that’s why I would like to use Ghost CMS).

A great example of what I want to achieve: There blog section is purely GhostCMS, but some other pages, like the about page I linked to, seems to be a custom static html/css/js page (correct me if I’m wrong please).

How can I realise this with Ghost CMS for my own (mostly blog) website?

My questions listed below;

  1. Is it possible to use Ghost CMS purely for the blog section of a website? So that you can use for example WP, Bootstrap, static HTML/css pages for your homepage and sales pages.
  2. In relation to question one. How achievable is this for a ‘non-coder’? I know the basics of HTML/CSS and could learn (node.)JS if needed, but learning react.js and stuff like that goes way too deep for me. Much rather focus on creating content.
  3. If it’s not possible to create pages that are seperate from the GhostCMS (on the same domain), how hard is it to create html/css pages within the GhostCMS environment (like the one from duckduckgo, again, correct me if I’m wrong plz)

Cheers! :smiley:

Hey @Lucas_Bergh :wave:

Ghost absolutely supports custom pages! These custom pages can use whatever frontend tools you want - bootstrap, react, vue, etc. since you don’t have to use any of Ghost’s templating if you don’t want to

You might find this tutorial useful:


Thnx I will look into it! :smiley: