Ghost on a Ubuntu VPS with other non-Ghost domains

Does anyone have any tips for getting Ghost running on a Ubuntu VPS alongside other pre-existing domains, all of which are using Nginx, but all are non-Ghost (mostly WordPress)? I keep running into permission issues, 403 issues, etc. I can get Ghost running on a bare domain with nothing else, but as soon as there are other non-Ghost sites in the mix, it all gets hairy.

@timbenz, it would be really helpful if you shared some example of the domains; are they unique or subdomains?

Likewise, what version of Ubuntu, database, and other software are you using?

There shouldn’t be an issue running different services behind an Nginx proxy. I currently do this albeit not Wordpress anymore.

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I do this without a problem.

Share your hairy Nginx config.

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Sharing for your reference:

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