Ghost and Wordpress site on same VPS?

Anyone using a VPN to host both a Wordpress Site and Ghost Blog?

I am looking to host both a Wordpress site and Ghost Blog on the same server. The VPS I am looking at has the following specs.

2 vCPU
2 GB Ram
5 GB Bandwidth
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit

With Ubuntu 16.04 the server is Core Managed so it includes
complete support of the base operating system as well as Apache, Mysql and PHP. Proactive service restoration is provided.

I could also go with
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-but that would be Self-Managed and is the same price, but only includes
support for hardware, network and virtualization layers.

Any benefit of using 18.04 versus 16.04 with Ghost?

Would this server perform well for hosting both Ghost and Wordpress or would there be performance issues? Both the Wordpress and Ghost website are going to be newly launched sites so I don’t have metrics more than to say they are going to be low traffic to start.

@Travblog from my experience you can run both perfectly, a Ghost instance will reserve around 250 MB of RAM and the FPM process is about the same so you will have enough with this to get started.

My recommendation is to go with Ubuntu 18.04, I’m using it on a Ghost installation and works perfect. The benefit is that you would be using the latest LTS version of the OS.

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Should be just fine. I’m running several different websites along the Ghost without a problem.

This is a DevOps question. You can manage many differents services on the same server.
Now, the way to manage more than two web apps that uses port 80 is to use a reverse proxy like Nginx.


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Thanks Tony and everyone else for the replies. Glad it is possible to run both on the same VPS. Really excited to give Ghost a try.

Currently running about 20 wordpress sites and 5 ghost blogs on an AWS EC2 + RDS setup so it’s definitely possible. Wanted to move Ghost blogs to a DO droplet (just because sometimes RDS creates some issues), but didn’t have time to do it. :slight_smile:


I think you can run only one Ghost installation per droplet? Not multiple?

No love for Heroku? Not perfect if you hosts more than one Ghost apps as you can’t create vhosts etc.

You can deploy Ghost on Heroku, check here:

Also, you can run multiple Ghost installations on the same VPS, but also on the same DO droplet, check here:

Do you plan to use a CDN with your Ghost install on a DO droplet? If so which one?

I use CloudFlare for all my websites at the moment (probably same when I will move to DO).

You can use easyengine. I like their idea, and implementation very much.

In that case one will need a fresh server to install easy engine so 1st install WP and then go for Ghost, right? Off the point, how many ghost blogs we can host on a 1 GB RAM instance?

Easyengine provide many option, in my case, I installed a mysql website not wordpress website and then add the proxy option for ghost website. I didn’t test the how many ghost blogs operation for 1GB ram. But you can test the server performance using Amplify for Nginx. I highly recommend it for Nginx monitoring. If you want to use the wordpress website in the same web server, you can assign other domain or subdomain and make a new wordpress website using Easyengine option.

How about Docker? How does that work? Any experience with it? We can host multiple apps on same server but I have never tried it personally. Please share something on it if you know how convenient it is.

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