latest package url lagging behind

The URL doesn’t effectiveley return the latest released package.
Right now: >> github . c o m /TryGhost/Ghost/releases/download/1.22.2/
While the latest released version is actually >> https:// g i t h u b . c o m /TryGhost/Ghost/releases/download/1.22.3/

Is there any reason for this behaviour? I’ve worked around it by running a query against the github api however it feels a little hacky :evergreen_tree: :crystal_ball:

Hey @fixer :wave: The caching on can sometimes lag behind a little, it should point at the correct URL shortly. The recommended way to install is via ghost-cli which will always grab the latest version from npm.


To be clear, we shouldn’t be more than an hour behind. We’ve just ironed out some issues with this system though that meant it was lagging further.

Still ghost-cli is absolutely the recommended way to get Ghost installed and updated.