Ghost Pro and Ionos

Hi all,

I’m totally new to this process, so please be patient.

I recently bought a domain, hosting through Ionos and want to set a blog on Ghost that shall be hosted on my Ionos space. For the life of me I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong as just going round in circles. Is this at all possible as someone on another thread advised that using Ghost Pro is not compatible with Ionos servers? Any advice would be gratefully received. :pray:

You’re not using ghost pro if you’re hosting somewhere else. Ghost Pro is the managed hosting product.

Ionos sells a bunch of different hosting. I would expect you’d be able to get Ghost working in their VPS plan (you might need to be comfortable working in the shell, not control panel), but probably not in their generic web hosting plan.

If you only want to run Ghost with your hosting, look at Pikapods, which is a super easy setup. (Except you’ll have to fuss with email a bit.). If you want super easy, fully managed, look at Ghost Pro, which supports the Ghost dev team ( Or if you’re price sensitive, consider Magic Pages, run my community member @jannis

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Thank you Cathy. Seems I misunderstood the whole hosting aspect of Ghost Pro. I paid for both hosting with Ionos and Ghost Pro, cancelled Ionos and now unable to access GP. Shall have to wait till Monday before resolving whatever hell I’ve created for myself. GP seems plenty capable to deal with my needs. I just made life overly difficult. Ho hum. Thank you for your reply. :pray: