Ghost setup fails with --no-prompt

I’m trying to automate installing and setting up Ghost on a server using the --no-prompt option on the CLI. However, whenever I run ghost-setup with all of the documented options, I still get the error Prompts have been disabled, all options must be provided via command line flags. I don’t see that I’m missing any prompts:

ghost setup --no-prompt --url URL --admin-url URL --ip --port 2368 --db mysql --dbhost localhost --dbuser root --dbpass "PASSWORD" --dbname ghost_prod --sslemail "EMAIL" --sslstaging false --process systemd --no-setup-ssl

I suppose an alternate question would be is this even the right approach? Basically, I want to run a series of commands in user data on a cloud server so that Ghost gets setup and configured without anyone needing to login to the server and manually complete setup.