Ghost standard comments or DISQS?

Hi devs!
Sorry, maybe you have raised this topic many times, but google didn’t help me.
Anyway - you prefer standard Ghost comments or DISQS is better?
What are the pros and cons?

Pros for Disqus

  • They have some automated spam detection
  • Someome can use the same Disqus account to comment on multiple blogs.

Cons for Disqus

  • They load third-party JavaScript on your blog that you don’t control. They may load ads.
  • Despite their spam controls, spam gets through anyway.
  • A spammer can use the same Disqus account to spam multiple blogs

Pros for Ghost Comments

  • Built-in and fast.
  • Users can use the same account for their Ghost subscription and their Ghost comment.

Cons for Ghost Comments

  • No automated spam detection. But so far I’ve gotten zero Ghost comment spam. Perhaps because’s a newer platform or because spammers need different accounts for every Ghost site they want to spam.
  • Users may need to signup for a new account to comment.

Personal takeaway

I used to use Disqus comments, but didn’t like dealing with spam or the adds “Special related featured content” that they added to my page. I switched to Ghost comments and have be happy. Granted, I get near zero comments, but I had few comments with Disqus, plus more spam to manage.


Remember, there are more private 3rd party alternatives to DISQUS. I used FastComments as they allowed me to import 10 years worth of WordPress comments. For my setup and scale they are very economical and have good technical support. No ads etc.

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Thank you for your replies!
I will try to start with standard comments too. The only thing i don’t like in standard comments - lack of negative reactions like on DISQS or in other systems.

We have - like thumbs up in Facebook - only hearts - positive reactions.