Ghost Starter theme updated! Time to build the theme of your dreams 🤩

Now’s the perfect time to build that new custom theme you’ve been thinking about because our Starter theme just got a big update. It’s chockablock with new features to improve your theme development experience:

:repeat: Livereload by default. See changes instantly in the browser whenever you save a file.

:mag_right: Optimized for VS Code. Find the files you’re looking for more easily.

:card_file_box: Write modern JavaScript. Use ESM out of the box to write more manageable Javascript.

:clamp: Assets optimized automatically. JavaScript and CSS are minified and transpiled by default.

:athletic_shoe: Fast compile times, powered by Rollup.

:butterfly: Write next-gen CSS for today’s browsers with PostCSS. Add the CSS tools you love via rollup.config.js.

:ship: Ghost’s GH Deploy Action included by default. Learn more about how to deploy your theme automatically

:heavy_plus_sign: Extensible by design. Rollup’s configuration structure makes it easy to add any number of plugins easily.

Try it out — GitHub - TryGhost/Starter: A development starter theme for Ghost — and let me know if you have any questions!


Amazing! Thank you for the hard work.

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Will I lose the custom CSS and JavaScript I added via code injection after updating the theme? Thanks!

Nope! Code injection persists across themes, which makes a great way to add customizations. However, it’s a good practice to back up your theme in case you need to roll back to it for some reason.


Sweet! Thanks, @RyanF

Thank you for the hard work.

Thanks and regards… .


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