Custom Theme Tutorials

Hi I am new this Ghost and I am wondering if anyone knows of any good videos or full online course that cover coding using Ghost to make a full theme?

Hi, and first of all, welcome to the Ghost forum!

There is some official documentation on developing custom themes here as well as the official documentation for Handlebars, which is the templating language used for Ghost. You might also find a lot of value (as I certainly have) in reading through @ahmadajmi’s series of “Ghost Tips & Tricks”.

The way I got started with developing my own “custom” themes… note that I’m far from an expert in this area, but am not aiming to become one :joy: is by installing and running Ghost locally on my computer, starting with the default theme called “Casper”, downloading that theme and just playing around with the code in my favorite text/code editor.

The Ghost team also provides an open source development “Starter” theme on GitHub.

I hope this helps!


Hi DonaldH,

Thank you and I am happy to be here. Thank You for those resources. Thus far I was able to get Ghost running locally without much issue and its running smooth. I also was able to Download some themes and install them plus view it all via VS Code.

I will take a look at the Github Starter now and report back my progress!