GHOST + STRIPE user duplicate on 2 different websites after successfull stripe Payment?

I have 2 websites site 1 ** and another one is site 2 hosted on GHOST cms and I connected my Stripe account with both websites. The issue is when any subscriber is subscribing to the PAID plan from the site site 1 then it becomes a user to site 2 also (it becomes a user to both the websites) which is a huge disaster for me.

Please help me with how can I solve this.

Thanks in Advance.

Have a look here: Multiple Ghost sites - should I use separate Stripe accounts?

Looks like Ghost won’t be able to handle two sites using the same Stripe account, unfortunately.

Make a second stripe account - Stripe allows more than one, and they can all share a login.

Export your members list. Check that it is complete. Do the same for the other site. If you have a site backup option, use it.

Then unlink one Ghost site from Stripe and link it to the new Stripe.

Import your members list (after removing free members and members of the other site, if you can tell who is who) to the re-linked site, if the subscriptions don’t appear correctly.

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I have a total of 6-7 sites (currently 2 are working) hosted on GHOST so it is not sound good to create separate Stripe accounts for each domain.

Stripe makes it very simple to create separate sub-accounts all managed by the same login/owner. You can find more info here.

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How would you even manage to do that using Stripe?

When you set up to use Stripe you need to type in the domain where it is supposed to be used. So making an account for site mean that you use that account for and not for 321 needs its own account account under your main profile.

If you place your cursor on your account name up in the left hand corner and click the arrow you’ll get a drop down menu where you can add on a new account. It can belong to the exact same company and share all details but the actual website where it is supposed to be in use.

ps, I don’t get why they call the user profile and the “companies” accounts. For me it would make more sense the other way around

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