Ghost Subscriptions + Discord + Discourse

Greetings all,

I just recently made the switch to Ghost! I have a community I run on Discourse and Discord. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to add/remove members from Discord and Discourse when a new Ghost subscription is added/removed?

I think I figured out the Discord part. I can use Integromat for this. With Discourse I have yet to solve the mystery.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Did you find any solution for Discourse, @yarobagriy?

I’ve been using WordPress with Memberful, and I’m now considering moving my website over to Ghost.

At this moment, I have on my WordPress/Memberful website my membership associated with Discourse. Paying my membership gives the user access to the private Discourse forum; when the membership finishes/when the user ends the membership, automatically Memberful removes the user’s privileges on Discourse.

I’m also trying to find if it’s possible to make the same behavior on Ghost :thinking:

I haven’t yet @krystel! So I actually developed my own custom solution that will hook up and manage it for me. So now when someone is added to Ghost as a premium subscription, it’ll add them do Discourse and Discord. It’ll also remove them if they’re removed from Ghost. Let me know if you’d like to use it.


Oh thanks! Yes! You’ll be publishing the hook up in open source license? If not, send me a PM so we can discuss it. Thank you!

I’d be very interested in talking about this solution as well. Do you mind if I send you a message?

Would be great if you could share with the community how you went about getting it to work :slight_smile:

Hey @yarobagriy any news about your solution? :smiley:

So I’m currently really blocked on a ton of projects and am having a hard time finishing this up. If anyone is interested in acquiring the project, please let me know. It’s about 80% of the way there and just needs a new UI.