Paid user on Ghost > Add to Discourse


I’ve been using WordPress with Memberful, and I’m now considering moving my website over to Ghost.

At this moment, I have on my WordPress/Memberful website my membership associated with Discourse. By paying my membership, the user has access to the private Discourse forum; when the membership finishes/when the user cancels the membership, automatically Memberful removes the user’s privileges on Discourse.

I’m also trying to find if it’s possible to make the same behavior on Ghost :thinking:

On Zapier, I didn’t find any way to do this; I even search for a way to connect Stripe to Discourse, without success.

I created a custom service that actually does this. Should be ready by the end of this weekend. I’ll let you know when it’s up!


Do you have any updates about this? :smiley: it would be an awesome thing to Ghost!