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First of all, I am aware that this might be the wrong category to post under, but I was not sure which one I should chose. If this is the wrong one, could a Mod please move it?

I have written a small script to quickly set up a local development environment for Ghost themes.
It is written in Node and asks a few question, to create a file which docker-compose can use to create a docker container. It also includes a skeleton theme that handles CSS (with PostCss) and JavaScript bundling.

The repository is at GitHub - b-m-f/gotede: Quick setup script for Ghost theme development environment with docker . Maybe this will help someone out.
Any bugs can be reported on github and I will try to fix them.

@b-m-f what benefits does this give you over the official theme development setup?

Hi Kevin,

My main reason was simplicity in maintaining different themes on different versions of Ghost, all being able to run simultaneously on different ports.

This is made possible by having different container images built per theme.

The global ghost-cli is still easier to use when building a single theme I assume.

You can run ghost install local in multiple directories if you want multiple ghost instances running at once - it will automatically assign port numbers for you.

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