Ghost Theme: Edition Vs. Dawn

Hi Guys,

I noticed that Dawn and Edition are quite similar. Though I’m switching to Edition, it seems like it’s missing SEARCH and TOC (Table of Contents). Any suggestions on how I can copy that feature from Dawn to Edition?

Thanks in advance

Here is the source code of Dawn:

You can check out how those features are implemented and integrate them in Edition.

Thanks. I’m not sure I have the bandwidth or know-how to add the search function code and make it work. Hope the actual designers include this in the next version of Edition.

Interestingly, I noticed that in Dawn, they mention that if your site has many posts, it is recommended to disable search.

That’s when it got me thinking, is that why Ghost sites generally don’t have search functionality? So it’s a speed thing?

The search database has to be built/downloaded every time, iirc, and the larger your site, the heavier the database and the slower the search. Imo the search function is fairly useless, hence not having it is almost always the better choice.

As regards the TOC I dunno. I might be in the minority but I see little use for it and I even modded my version of the Dawn theme to remove it.

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