Where is the search function in the latest release?

In v5.3 release, there is a new feature “Added built-in site search functionality”. Where is it? Maybe it’s my fault but I cannot find it.

Another new feature is “Ghost Explore endpoint”. What does it do?

Thanks for the new features. Sound exciting.

Activate the Casper theme, and you can find the search icon on the site header.

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It’s possible translate the “Search posts, tags and authors” to another language…?


hey Ahmad can u guide which code we have to add. in our theme for using these search function :) in ghost cms

You can use the data-ghost-search attribute in your HTML element which will trigger the search once clicked.

<button data-ghost-search>Search</button>

Here is the Casper example. Casper/default.hbs at main · TryGhost/Casper · GitHub


hey ahmad thanks for the guide:)
I am using penang theme for my blog and i want to integrate the new search and remove the old search function can u guide which element i have to change :) :blush:

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Code for features is often included in a particular release on GitHub but that’s just the very first step in a feature release and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready to use immediately, especially as the inclusion in a release is typically required for further testing.

Feature announcements along with the associated docs are separate to the code release. Please be patient and keep an eye on Changelog for the release announcement as that is when the feature is considered released and support is available.


Wait for it :) Will be part of the theme once the search is released and tested.

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