Ghost Update: ECONNREFUSED ::1:3306 + Error code 502

@daniellockyer There are multiple reports recently of the same kind of IPv6 related breakage on what looks like a supported stack.

The other report recently was:

The trigger seems to be the same: users ran an update of either Ghost or Ubuntu and some connections start defaulting to IPv6 instead of IPv4. In turn, this fails if the right entries aren’t in /etc/hosts.

I’m not sure if:

  1. This should be considered a regression, so Ghost should just try to default to IPv4 for now because it doesn’t need an IPv6 connection on localhost.
  2. The behavior was intentional and desirable, so the “fix” is update some documentation.

I’m guessing it’s #1, and there’s some place in the Ghost stack where it can be configured to explicitly keep using IPv4 for localhost connections.

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