Ghost upgrade error to start due to Ghost Storage Cloudinary

Hello everyone,

How can I setup Ghost Storage Cloudiary without running cp commend while Ghost version upgrading?

My website is running on DO with Ghost Storage Cloudinary. But whenever update completed, Ghost instance will not able to start due to config.production.json error, therefore I got to run cp code below then Ghost Start.

$ cp -R /var/www/ghost/versions/3.41.3/core/server/adapters/storage/ghost-storage-cloudinary /var/www/ghost/versions/3.42.0/core/server/adapters/storage/

You should be able to install your adapter in /var/www/ghost/content/adapters/storage/ghost-storage-cloudinary instead of inside core, that way it’s always available no matter which version of Ghost is running.

You’ll need to remove the adapter from the core/server/adapters/storage directory first.