Ghost upgrade in docker containers

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If you aren’t running the latest version of Ghost, the first thing we will ask you to do is update to the latest version of Ghost.

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  • What version of Ghost are you using? If it’s not the latest, please update Ghost first before opening your topic
    Current version of Ghost I am using is 3.38.2 and I am having issues upgrading Ghost within docker container.


  • How was Ghost installed and configured?
    Docker run / pull ghost image

  • What Node version, database, OS & browser are you using?
    Node version - v12.18.4,
    database - not using any database, we upload web content directly to the website from local machine,
    Browser - google browser,
    OS version - OS: Debian GNU/Linux, v10,
    npm version - 6.14.6

  • What errors or information do you see in the console?
    *I set up a ghost instance in docker container by pulling ghost image from docker registry Docker Hub. The current ghost version is 3.38.2 and ghost-CLI version is 1.14.1. I want to upgrade Ghost to latest version.

  • What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?
    First I tried to update ghost-cli by doing npm install -g ghost-cli@latest but I get this error, "…] / rollbackFailedOptional: verb npm-session 14aa98fa706e539e"
    My idea was to upgrade ghost-cli then do a ghost update to update ghost in the docker container. Please advise what could be the issue here or is there any other way of upgrading Ghost in docker container.