Ghost won't upgrade because of node ghost-cli/node version

Hi all, running on

I think I may have a problem with updating ghost-cli. I’m on 1.14.1 and trying to get to 1.17.3.

I’ve updated nvm, run the npm command to update ghost-cli, and set the current system version of node to 14.17.6 which should be supported per Supported node versions for self-hosted installs of Ghost.

But I get this error on a ghost update, and also get it when I use force.

✖ Checking system Node.js version
Message: The version of Node.js you are using is not supported.
Supported: ^10.13.0 || ^12.10.0
Installed: 14.17.6

I also get the error

You are running an outdated version of Ghost-CLI.
It is recommended that you upgrade before continuing.
Run `npm install -g ghost-cli@latest` to upgrade.

BUT I have run that command multiple times, and it always says it updates one package. (ghost-cli@1.17.3), and then I get the same error and ghost --version still reports 1.14.1.

Any hints as to how to update?

Searched other threads and haven’t found anything.

My guess is you have multiple versions of the CLI installed. Do you have another package manager like yarn installed?

You can see where ghost is resolving to by running which ghost