Ghost v6 - ultimate list of ideas

Extremely useful indeed. Using it since you suggested me and it actually works GREAT. No need for the clumsy wordpress admin bar at all.

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Alternative payment gateways, such as Lemon Squeezy, because Stripe isn’t available in some countries.


A source for learning about what’s likely coming soon but hasn’t been announced is the Alpha Features file:

The version on the main branch should be up to date and give you idea of features in development that may be stabilized and released soon.

Keep in mind some of these features may be momaths from being released or may be ideas that don’t work out.


Let me update this. After 3 more months of usage I would like to add something:

  • Internal link building: Streamline the process of linking relevant keywords to other pages with a simple click, similar to WordPress
  • Comprehensive Internal Search Engine (including text and HTML)
  • Media Library Management: Implement a user-friendly media library where images can be managed and deleted without resorting to FTP
  • Convenient Updates from the Ghost Backoffice (Not Limited to CLI for Self-Hosting)
  • Nofollow and Noopener Toggle Options for Links, Product Widgets, and Other Widgets
  • Inclusion of Alt Text for Product Widget Images
  • Support for Child Themes
  • Integrated HTML Editor
  • Advanced SEO Tools: Built-in SEO utilities that prompt users to include alt tags, assess keyword density, and provide optimization recommendations
  • Newsletter Customization: Options to send newsletter excerpts instead of full articles, encouraging recipients to visit the website for complete content
  • Schema Integration: Enhanced integration with markup (e.g., Reviews) to boost search engine visibility
  • Comprehensive Review Widget: A versatile review widget featuring both star ratings and bar graphs for evaluating products, with a visually appealing design

What’s the Ghost Backoffice?

  • I concur with others seeking excerpts when sending newsletters out.
  • I would also like to see the ability to allow members to subscribe to different newsletters based on tags for better curation and segmentation.
  • Internal link building, as mentioned by others.
  • The ability to use JSON structure to generate tabular layouts. Maybe without an actual table, but using divs or something instead? Writing the HTML or markdown is less readable than JSON, imho.
  • Use of external storage integrations with Ghost Pro. If I have a Google Cloud Storage or an AWS S3 bucket with content, I’d like to be able to connect to it with an integration, browse the content, and select compatible file types (images, videos, etc).
  • I would like to be able to select multiple content blocks and turn them into a single snippet I can use would be great. Say I wanted a divider above an image for a standard footer on the site. Or maybe I have a standard few blocks of content I commonly use with minor tweaks each time.
  • I have issues with Google Workspaces email aliases not working for my newsletter or support addresses. I can send emails to those addresses just fine from other domains, but Ghost seems to not come through. Posted workarounds don’t seem to have any effect. I’d love to see some focus here. Forcing complicated signups and workarounds with Mailgun or other tools seems overboard for the hosted version of Ghost.

The admin panel in /ghost/

The entire newsletter aspect poses a significant SEO vulnerability.
Let me explain: someone could potentially subscribe to my newsletter, establish a bot to extract its content, and publish it on their blog. They might even get indexed on Google ahead of me, possibly due to greater trust, and the duplicated content would still originate from me.
The excerpt would give more peace of mind, even more with the the possibility of delaying the newsletter a few days after the post is published…


A bot could extract the contents of a blog post on your blog, too, right?

And if you include multiple self-referrential links, they’ll function as backlinks on the copying site, and generally make it obvious that the copying site is copying you, which large sites would probably not do.

This seems like a pretty weird concern…


Sending the whole post in a newsletter doesn’t make any sense.

It does for people who feel like doing that.

A lot of people are using Ghost as newsletter software, parallel to Substack, as opposed to blog software with an email feature. Their primary goal is to send people emails, they want the whole email in the email.

A lot of people only read the email and never want to click out of it unless something is especially compelling.

A lot of people don’t care about tracking the number of clicks into their blog.

Some people are just hobbyists, so clicks don’t matter, they just want to talk about the stuff they like.

Some of these are blogs for businesses, so clicks don’t matter, they just want people to read their words, who cares about the medium.

I’m still not clear what the advantage of a partial newsletter is, besides the purely hypothetical decrease in risk of copying.

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This is possible now! You can select multiple blocks of content and save them as a new snippet unless there’s something I’m missing…

When is v6 landing? We’re soooo excited

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Don’t do from ghost second wp…

This is GOLD! thanks!

I think they meant to make snippets from multiple cards, which is missing I believe.

That’s like saying sending a whole printer letter by postal mail doesn’t make sense. Subscribers should read the first of sheet of paper and then go to your website to finish reading it.

It’s a better experience for the reader to read the newsletter all in one place.

I think there’s arguments to be made for both options. A newsy site with dozens of posts each week might want to send a list of posts and excerpts, not all of them.

I think it depends. I mentioned this because my typical posts consist of over 4,000 words, along with embeds, photos, tables, and so forth. Reading such lengthy content on a phone mail client can be quite challenging. However, everyone has their own preferences. My suggestion is to implement a toggle feature in the Ghost admin that allows webmasters to “cut” the newsletter to an excerpt of a certain number of words, accompanied by a “read more on website” button.


Custom widgets would be something amazing to have! They could take Ghost themes to another level :heart_eyes: