Quick Links + Basic Post Analytics Within Posts-Listing Admin Page

I’m very new to using Ghost. Practically migrated from WordPress to Medium to WordPress and now to Ghost. Loved the speed of loading and the focus on the writing experience.

However, there were a few pointers I do miss within WordPress, which I find very practical for Admins / Writers, primarily:

(1) Quick links display for each Post immediately available on Posts-Listing Admin Page

1a. Link for actual Post when published: Link can be clicked and immediately actual Post link is copied to clipboard or just opens to new browser tab. — To reduce the need for extra 4-clicks to [i] Click into Post, [ii] Click Post Settings icon, [iii] Click “View Post”, [iv] Copy URL link from new browser tab — This is very useful for writers who want to cross-link their previous articles and not needing to go through so many extra steps to get to multiple article links.

(2) Basic Post Analytics Within Posts-Listing Admin Page

2a. Instead of displaying only “Post Sends” and “Post Opens”, also include “Post Views” (Excluding Admin / Writer) & “Post Supports” (Sort of Likes button but to tabulate viewers Like for the article)

Just some simple ideas I hope the dev team can consider in the future for building in!

Meanwhile, Thanks for a great Ghost 4.1.2! Keep up the great work! Cheers! :wink: