Ghost v6 - ultimate list of ideas

Wasn’t sure which forum to place this, so settled on the ‘ideas’ section.

What does everyone hope to see in Ghost v6?

Here are a few of my own:

  • Community features (like chat)
  • Duplicate posts
  • Comments on pages
  • Audience exchange (a bit like Taboola, a way to show other Ghost publications on each others sites for free exposure)
  • Opportunity to sell this space (sponsorships)
  • More/Less like this on pages/posts
  • Find and tag internal links easily
  • Out of the box structured data like FAQs, Reviews
  • Better html table support
  • Facebook Pixel and Conversion API support
  • Convert uploaded images to WebP
  • Product card with extra buttons and styling
  • Pledges (allow readers to support work adhoc)

My top three:

  • Ability to customize bookmark card (big #1 for me)
  • Ability to have authors (w/ author cards) that are not staff
  • Bulk actions in admin screen – I finally paid a developer to write this, and am very happy with the result, but it should have been part of the admin all along

@BruceInLouisville - Curious about this, what did you have built for yourself?

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I got Cathy Sarisky to build “Phantom Admin.” It’s a web page you add to your theme and upload, then open in your browser. You have to have the API key to use it, so anyone else who stumbles upon it won’t be able to do anything.

It pulls a list of posts and then allows you to select one or more posts. Once a set of posts is selected, you can:

  • Delete all selected posts
  • Set all selected to draft
  • Set all selected to published
  • Add tag to all selected
  • Delete tag from all selected

For each individual post in the list, it allows you to view the post, edit the post, delete the post, or copy the post.

It also allows you to pull a list of all your members, with pretty much all the data stored in the system for each member. (Comes down as a CSV file.) I use it to see who is subscribed to which newsletter, and to see which persons are either not taking advantage of a perk, or are subscribed to a newsletter they can’t receive (not a Partner, for example).

Frankly, these are all things I thought would have been built into the Ghost admin. They are not, so I was glad to pay Cathy to build it.

I think it would be wise for the Ghost staff to look at purchasing it from her (for a good price!) and include the functionality in Ghost going forward.

Cathy Sarisky


Bruce, you get to write all my advertising copy from now on. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested, Phantom Admin (which Bruce has kindly encouraged me to also sell to others) is available here: Introducing Phantom Admin


The ability to duplicate posts just shipped:


Extend analytical tools.

  • Filter users by location
  • % stats by location
  • Post analytics is missing views so you are missing stats for non-subscribers. Yes, third-party analytics can do all of this but Ghost is almost there so why not just add this to make it the complete package.

More than 9 gallery images.

PhotoSwipe coded into Ghost by default so it works regardless of theme.

Default theme Casper to show more than one tag on a post.

Built in tag page by default.

Extend search functionality to include pages not just posts.

Ability to update Ghost from within the dashboard - without needing to go to the command line.

Export / Import everything from the dashboard.

Consider allowing MariaDB again as MySQL can be glitchy - especially in a docker environment.

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Still got these two.

Inline Tooltips

I’m a novel fan translator and aspiring author who plans to serialize my novel on my own website one day. Ghost is good for blogs, but for fiction, it’s extremely lacking.

The main reason I still couldn’t shift to Ghost despite years of lurking on this forum is the lack of tooltips support. Not footnotes, but tooltips.

As a translator, I often find myself using tooltips to explain parts of the translation that couldn’t be completely expressed in English.

Clicking on footnotes transports you all the way to the bottom of a page, breaking the immersion. It is not suitable for longform reading. Once or twice may be fine, but when you need over 10 different notes on the same page, it quickly becomes annoying.

Tooltips are ideal because it allows the reader to view the note without changing their position on the page.

I made my own WordPress plugin for this, and here’s a video of it in action. [Please ignore the ugly and inaccessible styling. I was using a test blog.]

[Disclaimer: I don’t actually know any coding beyond HTML and CSS. I just used a shortcode plugin generator.]

Achieving similar tooltips in Ghost might be possible with a plugin, but as I said, I don’t know how to code, and hiring a developer is beyond the budget.

I would be elated if Ghost ever decides to include this feature natively.


I forgot to mention—Tooltips are also better because it allows me to select exactly which part of the text warrants the note. Footnote numbers can only be put at the end of the text, with no clear indication if the note is just for that one word, for a phrase, or for the entire sentence/paragraph.

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Mine are:

  • Being able to block members from signing up, like blocking IP addresses, prevent emails containing X, being able to remove comments completely from spammers, trolls etc.
  • A menu system, more like WP. Sub-pages etc. Then anybody could have a meny they’d want to have. Anything from 1-2 pages, to 10+.
  • Dynamic translation, like - I’d like for these pages in this collection to be in language X, and these pages and posts in this collection to be in language Y.
  • Dynamic landing pages, to target language audiences, one for English i.e and one for Chinese.
  • Have a base for pages, just like posts in a collection. I have a post in the forum about that. I shall link it below.
  • Support for pages to be included in collections. Sort of like previous point.
  • Being able to update Ghost from the dashboard.

Last but not least - a dream of sorts - being able to set a domain to a collection. Like a subdomain or top domain, instead of how it is today.

These are the ones I can think of from the top of my head. Below is the link to the topic I was referring to earlier:


TOOLTIPS :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_check_mark: :ballot_box_with_check:

*** A menu system, more like WP. Sub-pages etc. Then anybody could have a meny they’d want to have. Anything from 1-2 pages, to 10+.**

When, DEVELOPERS? WHEN!!! :skull:

  • Being able to update Ghost from the dashboard. - very much yes!!!
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I’m fairly sure you know this can be done with HTML and CSS, since you built a plugin for it. But, in case someone else DOESN’T know, here’s a link:


i mean, it’s more or less easy to do this all especially if someone understands how to code, but if it’s so easy to do it, why isn’t it built in it’s just a few lines of code anyway. actually maybe someone could make a PR :thinking: but would it be accepted, that’s the question?

I also remembered that I’d love to see an internal post linking system in the editor, so it’s easier to find previous posts to link to.

And I’d like a media gallery function, so I can easily choose photos and make sure I don’t use the same one often enough as a featured image etc for a post.

Both of these features are mentioned in the ideas category.

After using Ghost for over 6 months, I’ve come to truly appreciate its features. However, I still have a few suggestions to enhance the experience:

  1. Internal link building: Streamline the process of linking relevant keywords to other pages with a simple click, similar to WordPress.
  2. Frontend admin bar: Enable quick access to edit articles directly from the website, eliminating the need to navigate back to the admin panel.
  3. Simplify “nofollow” links: Integrate an option within the internal linking feature to easily add “nofollow” attributes without the need for manual HTML coding.
  4. Improved media library: Implement a user-friendly media library where images can be managed and deleted without resorting to FTP.
  5. Enhanced SEO features: Provide built-in SEO tools that remind users to include alt tags, calculate keyword density, and offer other optimization suggestions.
  6. Seamless updates: Enable self-hosted users to update Ghost directly from the backend interface and receive notifications about new versions.
  7. Newsletter options: Allow for sending newsletter excerpts rather than full articles, encouraging recipients to visit the website for the complete content.
  8. integration: Enhance integration with markup (Reviews, for example) for improved search engine visibility.
  9. Complete review widget: a versatile review widget (with stars and bars to evaluate a product) that is visually appealing.

That’s a very good thread! I’m going with my top 3:

  • Subpages, the possibility to use paths for tags and sub-tags seems to be mandatory for me.
  • More than primary and secondary navigations for make specific pages like LMS, courses, specific products or services (implemented on Ghost webpage but not in the main product).
  • Integration of category translations for being used with Weglot. Weglot is paid but the integration lacks of fully translation because of Ghost limitation.
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You can do this already by appending /edit to a post’s URL.


oh man, why didn’t I know that? this is extremely useful.