Ghost/Zapier Developer Needed

I want to use Ghost to publish a newsletter. Paying newsletter subscribers would get special editions of the newsletter and would have access to a members-only discussion board. A client of mine doesn’t use Stripe, so I’m seeking quotes on integrating another payment service into Ghost via Zapier. The integration would:

  • Take subscription payments
  • Let Ghost know who is a paying member so the paying members can get the special editions of the newsletter and access to the members-only forum
  • Handle unsubscribe events

If you are a Ghost developer experienced with Zapier (or know where I can find one), please reply here or DM me. Thanks!

Hey Caleb, I am a developer who certainly has experience with both Ghost and Zapier, and setting up newsletters and other integrations. Please message me with the budget you have in mind, if you are interested in having me take a look at it for you.

Excellent. Please DM me and let’s discuss further.

Hi Donald,

Thanks for getting in touch! Re: budget, I think it might be possible to set this all up via Zapier integration, without modifying Ghost source code. Does that seem to be correct?

I look forward to your thoughts.

P.S. I should add that I have never used Zapier and am super-busy and have very low interest in learning it. I’m hoping to find a developer who can hook this up!