Using Ghost to publish a weekly newsletter


I’m new, using ghost for first time (and already in love with it!), I’m not really techie but thanks to DO droplets I made it!

Now I would like to do the following:

  1. I want to publish “regular posts” and “newsletter posts”, excluding the tagged as a newsletter from the home page. [Done using this tutorial]
  2. The newsletter posts are weekly content with different sections: something similar to this.
  3. Every time I publish a post tagged as a “newsletter”, I would like the content of this post to be sent automatically to all my subscribers (currently in mailchimp, but can be in any other platform).

Do you have any idea about how can we do that? Should I wait to membership&subscriptions feature? Would that feature solve this?


I think the best way is through using a Zapier integration.
With Zapier, you can create a “Zap” that does things like

  1. Detects a new post was made in Ghost
  2. Check it has the right tag
  3. Format newsletter
  4. Send it to all subscribers

Mailchimp works well for this, I think. But you can even just use the Zapier email system, or GMail! Personally I prefer to keep mailing lists in a Google Sheet and use Gmail until they go over about 100.

Hi Dana!

I’ll take a look at this option! Looks interesting Zapier+mailchimp. I have already a DDBB with +300 in mailchimp, so I’ll do this I guess and connect my subscription list with my mailchimp list.


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