GhostCMS 5.x version HTML snippets in the code

Hello, I am using GhostCMS 5.47.0 version on my Ubuntu 22.

The question is more about providing HTML snippets on the Ghost Admin editor (while creating page and posts). We can manually create the HTML snippets while managing the posts/page right inside the admin interface. But this feature quickly needs demand to version control the HTML snippet. So I can create HTML snippets inside my theme and once the ghost is restarted, I would like my snippets to appear inside the admin editor (as soon as + button is clicked).

Do you think its possible? If you can show a way to do that. Many thanks.

Hello @Ravi_Maniyar I’m not sure I totally understand what you are trying to do, but if you want to provide re-usable HTML/CSS/Javascript snippets that are stored in the theme files and also accessible and for re-use and selectable within the post/page editor, you can do that using Post/Page Templates…

Hey thanks for getting back.

I actually wanted to create HTML snippets for Ghost CMS Admin Editor. So my content editor knows which HTML snippet to select while managing the content.

I ended up creating various HTML snippets through a node script which connects to my ghost server REST API, and this is one off process. So once I setup my ghost project in any server, I’ll just run the node js script and my HTML snippets will be ready for use for my content manager inside ghost editor.