Today I Learned About Snippets 😍

I just came across the snippets feature in the editor, which lets you create reusable snippets. Now I can delete my ‘templates’ file which I used to copy + paste common sections from for each post :hugs:

Just wanted to share it here in case anyone else hasn’t seen it.

I love these thoughtful features in Ghost. They make the overall experience of using Ghost so much better.

Kudos to the product team!

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Snippets it’s very simple and I use it everyday. I just wish I could re-order the list. Because everytime I want to use one, I need to scroll to the bottom to find my custom ones.

You can just type ‘/’ and start typing the name of the snippet, and the menu will filter itself to show you the matching ones. No need to scroll down to the bottom :slight_smile:


You are perfectly right. Will do, thanks!

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