GhostMembers token in Content Api call

In passing a JWT to the content api per this browse() definition, like this:

const fetchtoken = await fetch('/members/api/session')
const memberToken = await fetchtoken.text()
const api = new GhostContentAPI({
      url: ***ORIGIN****,
      key: '**********KEY***',
      version: 'v5.0' 
const posts = await api.posts.browse({
      limit: 'all',
      include: 'tags'
   	}, memberToken) 

I see where that JWT is being checked in /services/auth/members, but thus far only get 401 Unauthorized response.

If I remove the JWT, the request and response goes through without error.

My Questions

  1. Am I passing the wrong JWT? As in, is this meant to be a JWT for the logged in Member as I have it, or something else like User?

  2. And how does the presence of the JWT affect what is returned by the Content Api (or does it? beyond a can/can’t access?)

Tried to read through the /models/ but wasn’t sure.

Any insight/direction is greatly appreciated, thanks!