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Since Ghost Channels are already in the works, maybe no need to vote them. Just :+1: to one ot the greatest upcoming Ghost features. Some info:

OK, voted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice. Just look at this beauty:

Creating Custom Channels → This will allow big blogs to adopt Ghost.

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I see this feature is marked as in-progress. Is there official Ghost roadmap available somewhere?

@Tomas I think you can consider this as a roadmap:

@Tomas We don’t currently keep a public roadmap.

It’s worth being very aware that the current implementation of channels was a test, and it’s being rewritten, entirely, to be even more powerful and be configured with the much more human-friendly yaml format rather than json.

It is very much in the works though and we’ll probably use the forum to share progress when there’s something to alpha or beta test :wink:


Here’s the official update on where we’re going with channels (now part of the Dynamic Routing spec):

This is our current WIP feature. Happy to answer any questions here on the forum.


Please let us know when the beta will be available for testing :slight_smile:, I would love to play with this feature and see how it works as I have several use cases I’m interested in. Thanks!

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finally it’s released and in beta and I have upgraded to it half an hour ago but I can’t find any options related to it in my ghost admin

It’s not configurable in the admin interface as of now - see this folder (you need to add a routes.yml configuration to your content/settings/ of your install)

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I checked that folder and I already have a routes.yml file there with the exact content from that linked folder above. What else needs to be done?

Yeah @dsecareanu @vikaspotluri123 what to do next?

From what I understand, after you make changes to it and restart Ghost, your new routes should be implemented

/cc @Kate there hasn’t been an announcement for this in the forum (such as ✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release - #39 by Kevin) and I don’t know if there will be one, but since it’s hot off the press, I would wait a little bit before diving right into it - you might end up doing 3-4x the work to figure out how to use it when the details post is being written!

Here’s the relevant commit, with a really detailed commit message if you’re curious :smile:


If you are using the undocumented config.channels.json file, we recommend to wait with updating your blog to 1.24.0. Dynamic routing beta is not yet feature-equivalent.

We will announce dynamic routing (beta) as soon as we are ready :upside_down_face:

Dynamic Routing - Ghost Docs

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